LANGE Series Kitchen Sink
LANGE Series Kitchen Sink

The LANGE series kitchen sink is marketed under a model number of LGP921AA. It is manufactured from SUS304 stainless steel. This product has the function of washing, cutting and draining all kinds of vegetables. It utilizes the wheeled welding technique, allowing for a length of 1,160mm, a width of 500mm and a depth of 220mm. Due to its multiple functionality and large size, this range of multi-purpose sink has found a great favor in the marketplace.

LANGE series LGP921AA multifunctional kitchen sink
LANGE series kitchen sink in Pablo has integrated the function of vegetable washing, cutting, and draining into its design. It is made from SUS304 stainless steel. The sink is available with a length of 1160mm, a width of 500mm, and a depth of 220mm. With multiple function and large space, it has won large popularity among users.

The washing area is able to contain some pots of common size. A soap liquid dispenser is set at the upper left corner. Some accessories like stainless steel kitchen knife, trash and drain rack are available.

Declined drainage area

Smooth surface with polishing treatment