We believe in quality from top to bottom that is why we begin with the best raw materials, such as SUS304 stainless steel sheets which fully comply with international standards. These high-quality stainless steel sheets come from the South Korean steel giant Posco, which ensures we will produce best-in-class kitchen sinks. Seen here is our sheet metal cutting equipment. It can cut stainless steel sheets to the desired size and shape for stretch forming applications.

Composite stretch forming technique is among our core technologies. We accomplish the composite stretch forming process with the use of 5 CNC four-column hydraulic presses. After composite stretch forming is completed, we remove oil stains and impurities from the kitchen sink. This results in a very clean sink surface.

After all kitchen sinks have been cleaned, we carry out an annealing procedure that can get rid of stress caused by sink processing. As a result, the kitchen sink can be provided with a rigid body. Not only that, we utilize hydrogen gas to protect the sink from oxidation, thus ensuring an exceptionally bright and smooth surface. In this workshop, the polishing machines are all designed in-house by PABLO. They can perform automatic polishing on the wall, bottom and surface of all kitchen sinks.

During the packing phase, each and every kitchen sink must be covered with plastic film. Then, it will be placed into a carton which is filled with plastic foam. This will prevent our sink from scratches during transportation. After packaging is done, all qualified products are sent to our warehouse. PABLO has one of the largest sink warehouses in Asia. Our warehouse has the capability to store more than a million sets of kitchen sinks.

Raw Material Sheering

Stainless steel sheets
For raw materials used in sink production line, we use POSCO SUS304 food-grade stainless steel sheet only, the thickness of which generally ranges from 0.8mm to 1.2mm. This sheet is known for high density, large hardness, high ductility, and good corrosion resistance. Each month, we introduce about 100t sheets from POSCO.

Sheet shearing
Here the stainless steel sheets are processed into the required dimension by automatic shearing machines.

Finished stainless steel sheets

Composite Stretch Forming

CNC 4-column hydraulic presses
Our core technique, composite stretch forming process, is accomplished by 5 sets of CNC 4-column hydraulic presses. This technique allows our sink to be deeper than common ones and extended in space by 30%.

800t 4-column hydraulic press
After being sheared, the stainless steel sheets will be given composite stretch forming treatment. Each forming process is done in 30s with the hydraulic press, which can process 700 sinks each day.

Formed sink body

400t 4-column hydraulic press
The 400t 4-column hydraulic press is able to accomplish the composite stretch forming process for one sink in 15s.

Formed sinks

Sink Cleaning

All of the sinks have to be cleaned to get rid of the dirt and oil after the sink forming process.

Cleaned sinks


Annealing furnace
An annealing line is set to eliminate the sinks' stress and enhance their ruggedness.

Sinks after annealing treatment
In the sink annealing process, we have employed hydrogen protection technique to ensure that the sink surface is not oxidized.

Edge cutting

Here we need to cut the excess part off from the sink edge, processing the sink to the prescribed dimension we want.

Semi-finished sinks


Sink surface polishing operation is finished by our self-developed polishing machine, which is competent in polishing all sides of the sinks automatically.

Polishing sink side wall

Sink bottom polishing

Sink surface polishing

Polished sink


Punching holes for faucet on sinks

Silencer pad

Sticking silencer pads for eliminating sound of water flow

Laser marking

Marking 'Pablo' on our sinks with laser marking technique


Mounting box handle

Labeling nameplate
The nameplate displays the detailed information, including product name, model and dimension.

Sink accessories and foam for buffering

To protect the sink from any accidental damage during shipping, we will wrap the sink with plastic film, and put some plastic foam in the carton.

Carton sealing

Each sink has to go through 4 inspection procedures before the packaging step to ensure that their quality has reached our standards.


Warehouse for finished sinks
The warehouse spanning 1000m2 is able to store over 1000 thousand sinks.

Stacking area for finished sinks