THAMES Series Kitchen Sink
THAMES Series Kitchen Sink

Seen here is our THAMES series kitchen sink, model number TMP910AA. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 1.2mm. This entire product is available with a length of 750mm, a width of 450mm and a depth of 225mm. It is produced using Pablo's own integrated stretch forming technology, delicate brushed surface treatment and concealed overflow hole, thus allowing for an aesthetically pleasing and stylish exterior. More importantly, the kitchen sink is 25 degree radius cornered, providing a great increase in the use of the space.

Thames series TMP910AA kitchen sink
Shown is one of our Thames series kitchen sinks. It is 750mm long, 450mm wide and 225mm deep. Thickness of the sink is 1.2mm. We have fabricated it with integrated stretch forming technique and processed the sink surface with delicate drawing treatment. Overflow hole of the sink is designed to be concealed type for an aesthetical exterior. Besides, the corner radius is 25 degree, largely improving the space utilization.

Optional drain rack

Corner stretch forming technique
The sink corner is available in R25 and R15 specification, both of which have enlarged the sink space by 30%.

With an advanced integrated stretch forming technique, the stainless steel sheet is formed into sink in 2 steps, and the sink depth reaches 225mm. The formed sink shows no welding seam and high durability.

Surface of our sink has been given drawing treatment, making the sink convenient to be cleaned and won't get scraped easily.

Concealed overflow hole